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UV Light Sterilization

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge about using UV lights for driveline sterilization/disinfection?

Saw an old post which referenced using a UV light from Amazon to disinfect the area around the driveline where it enters the body before applying sterile bandage.  Tried to do some research on Amazon and Google about sterilization like this but did not find anything specific enough (or convincing enough) for me to spend upwards of $200 USD.  Understand the main reason we usually get driveline infections is from trauma.  But also have read it isn't a questions of "if" you might get an infection but "when" you get an infection and would like to add this simple step of sterilization of it does work.

Any suggestions, directions, URLs, etc. would be appreciated. 

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John T.

HI Stan,

My husband has had his HM3 for 4-1/2 years and we have always used the UV light at his weekly dressing changes.  NO infections so far!  I have never known exactly how long to wave the light over the site, so generally do about two minutes.

Can't recall exactly what we paid, but not near $200.  ORdered online and it is a Verilux.  They recommend you remove the batteries when not in use. I feel like it is worth it.




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Annette Y.

Hi all, well my husband is about to get his LVDA, surgery is today May 5th. My husband is 56 years old and is extremely sick. I'm sure many of you were sick before LVAD surgery. I'm scared, nervous, excited, for his new life to begin. I just wanted to post a quick thank you, I've read many of your post and you all have helped more than I can say. God willing he will do well through the surgery and I'm just a worried wife praying for my sweet husband. Thank you again, I appreciate this forum. 

Deepest respect, 


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Stan C.

Thank you for the information, Sara.  I have had my HM3 for 2-1/2 years and have wondered about this off and on.  I did inquire of my LVAD team, primary doctor, and others but no one had any experience or knowledge about it.  Plan on doing more research on this and will of course share anything I can find.  Thank you again for the info.

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Stan C.

Annette, just saw your post and hope all the best for your husband.  He is going to have a bit of a rough stretch in the beginning but with you by his side he will see the love in your face, hope in your heart, and faith in the future which will help greatly.  Hang in there and let us know how he does.



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Debbie E.

Hi Stan,

I want to share my friend's experience using UV Light to disinfect her husband's Driveline site. Her husband has LVAD for 1 1/2 years now so far; her husband didn't experience any infection with his Driveline site. My friend also recommends using Uv Light for disinfection. I bought a wand type UV Light Sterilizer and I'm using it daily, and it is worth buying it.  Hang in there and Take care always.