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Alexander P. Recipient

MPU Cables

Does anyone knows if the LVAD manufacturer supply longer cables or there are any kind of extention cables to add to the extisting ones? I need like another 25 ft. Thanks.

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Carrie J.

Has anyone else experienced intense pain under their left breast when they breathe or cough?  I have had my lvad for almost 3 years.

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MIke S.

I have a pain there when my weight gets too low.  It feels like the pump is rubbing against the inside of a rib.  I can get rid of it by gaining a few pounds. I think it is due to a lack of padding around the pump. My LVAD coordinator agreed with me. 

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Michael H.

  I do from time to time usually doesn't last long also sometimes from diffibulator / pace maker ,and sometimes I call it a discomfort not a sharp pain .

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Cindy R.

Hello Carrie,

I had more irritation then pain under my breast.  At the worst point, a small wire poked out under my breast from the inside.  It sounds much worse then it was.  I cut off as much as I could, and it was better.  I was told by our VAD Coordinators that while in surgery, there are many wires left across my chest.  They think the reason it poked through was because I had lost weight, which I had.  If you have intense pain, that is not normal, and I believe Donna B is correct for you to call your Coordinators.

Wishing you the best!


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Melanie W.

Morning Carrie, My husband has this also. The cardio team gave him a cat scan and it shows that the VAD is hitting his 6th rib. They said there are two things they can do - the first is to go in and cut some of the rib away or give him a nerve blocker to that area so he doesn't feel it. He has a heart mate 3