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Kathleen B. Caregiver

Fitbit for LVAD patient

I am looking to buy my husband a gift. I want any in put on a fit bit that would be good for a Heartware LVAD patient. TIA

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Jerome M.

I wear one to track my progress and reach new goals.

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Sravasti T.

Hi Jerome

Please let me know how you track progress and milestones for a Heart Ware patient . I was asking for my husband who got a Heart Ware in January 2020.


Many thanks and stay safe

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Jerome M.

I use my Fit Bit watch to gage my progress when walking. I try to keep improving the extent to which I walk each day. I do not track anything else. It helps me push myself more to get stronger.

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Ray H.

I have a Fitbit Charge that I have used for some years now.  I would recommend against too exotic or expensive a Fitbit, as the features may not work on a VAD person.  Mine is supposed to track my sleep by ups and downs on a graph showing how much 'REM sleep I have gotten, how much deep sleep and how much light sleep.  After receiving my LVAD, it could no longer graph that way (probably because of the heart rate not being available).  For that reason, I would get a simple Fitbit for him.  I use mine to track how many steps I get in the day and use it as a watch mostly.  Some of the other features I don't use as much, thus my recommendation for a less expensive one.  I like my Charge because my previous basic one wouldn't tell me the time.