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Ibrahim S. Family Member


Last week my LVAD flow reduce from 4. 5 L to 2.5L i dont know why thia happen now i complete one week with 2. 5L

And my INR increase last week to 6 


Is there any relation between INR and flow? 

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Myriam T.

You must check with your dr. URGENTLY, INR extremely high and dangerous For LVAD.

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Jerome M.

My Flow is steady at 4.0 with occasional fluctuation of .2 up or down. My targeted INR is 1.5 to 2.0 and I have dropped to 1.4 on occasion.and gone up to 1.7 which is the best place for me.

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Mark E.

Contact your Cardiologist right away or in my case, I have a VAD clinic with an emergency number as well.  This is not something you want to wait on.  I hope you do well!