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Gova R. Prospective Patient

Heart mate 3 equipment


I have Lvad Heartmate 3 equipment, 4 batteries, battery charger, Wall charger, go gear (small) , some dressing supplies, folly anchors, chloroprep etc. 

I have used less than a year. It’s in good condition. I can also ship the items if needed. Pls let me know if any one Is interested.

you can reach me at


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Lisa W.

Just curious-not needing those supplies anymore?   My husband has the heart ate 3.   I would be interested in dressing supplies.

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Stephen B.


if you might consider, I am interested and can get by without the dressing supplies if Lisa W could use them



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Antoinette J.

I hope all is well.  I am looking for a shower bag for the heartmate 3