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Cathie W. Caregiver

Sterile Dressing Supplies

My husband received his new heart on June 4th.  We have a large amount of supplies to share for the cost of shipping.  Please let me know if you have need of any of the following:  

  • 2" and 4" gauze
  • 2" and 4" driveline sponge
  • rolls of 2" and 4" medipore tape
  • hibiclens
  • sterile water
  • hair bonnets
  • foley anchors
  • alcohol swabs
  • no sting barrier
  • shower guards
  • 9 driveline kits (i think one chloraprep but others are cleansing solution and sterile water)
  • adhesive remover
  • large box of sterile gloves size 8 1/2
  • large unopened box of Aquacel

We're keeping the masks  :(

Please reach out to me at if we can help you.


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Ray H.

Thank you for the supplies, Cathie.  I didn't ask for any of the normal stuff (sponges, hibiclens, etc.) because I switched to a different dressing system that has only 3 items and needs to be changed up to 7 days at a time.  We started using it last fall because we were restricting ourselves from lengthy travel by having to carry one large suitcase full of supplies for the daily dressing changes.  We tested it first to see if there was any irritation at the site, and then switched over so we could go on a 24-day cruise this April.  Guess what happened to that cruise?!  I'm ready for post-COVID at any rate and hope to take that cruise possibly in October of next year.  Again, thank you.

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Barry and Susan (caregiver) S.

Cathie if you still have the Medipore  Tape and the 2 and 4 inch gauze I would be interested.  
God Bless, Stay Safe, Susan