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Lauren S. Medical Professional

COVID-19 Concerns pre-VAD or post-VAD?

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, and I work at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. My colleagues are the creators of Deciding Together, an LVAD Decision Aid which is intended to educate patients and caregivers and help them generate questions and concerns to discuss with a healthcare team while in the process of deciding whether or not to get an LVAD. If you are interested in the decision aid, the online version at

We are interested in updating our patient education materials with information about COVID-19 that specifically pertains to LVAD patients and their caregivers. To better inform what we include in our materials, we are interested in hearing your concerns about COVID-19. If you are willing, we would love for you to comment below about any new concerns you are having - whether you are a patient or a caregiver - due to having an LVAD or considering getting an LVAD during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Note that this is not a research study - we are solely using this for our LVAD patient education materials. Anything that you comment and we use to inform our work will be anonymous.)

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Matthew B.

Hi Lauren, I will go thru your material over the next few days. I am going thru this right now. While the decision is made for me because of my failing health and there are no other options left, there are still lots of questions. I have already had several major open heart surgeries so the surgery process does not scare me. It is more about promises that Dr's make that they cant back up. Each proceedure comes with the promise that life will get better, but it doesnt. After more then 10 years you stop listening to that part of the conversation. 

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Amy K.

Thanks Lauren. I am the caregiver and any information about COVID-19 and specifically for an Lvad patient and their caregiver would be appreciated. We are already doing masks, social distance etc but always appreciate suggestions. Thx Amy 

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Amy K.

I’m very concerned because I feel my husband would not survive if he got Covid-19. It’s a constant worry. I always feel better after 2 weeks pass after being with people. Of course we limit ourselves but it only takes one little mistake. 

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Manisha O.

Hi Lauren my husband had a LVAD. We live in the UK. My main concern during this situation is that if he were test positive how would the hospital in our particular area cope as they have no idea on how to manage it. The nearest hospital is 1.5 to 2 hours away. Would they take him there ? I think this applies pre covid also . Should more be done to educate the local hospitals on this increasing medical condition . Don’t know what your view is on this