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Barry and Susan (caregiver) S. Caregiver

Right ventricular dysfunction

     My husband is 74 and also destination LVAD.  His breathing has really gone down hill, because of dysfunction of the right ventricular , which creates regurgitation of the Tricuspid, thus fluid retention , thus increase Pulmonary disease.   He was just at the hospital , Mayo, to see his Team.  So for now increase Torsemide,  monitor weight and a medication to open up treat pulmonary hypertension .   Hoping all gets better .   ♥️

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Gayle W.

Sorry to hear of your husband's problems.  I pray that he does not give up.  I am 84 and have had my VAD since 2010.  I have had problems at times but I am so Blessed to be here.  I live with my son and his family and they a very good caregiver's.  If you would like a chat you can contact me by email and then I will give you my phone #.  Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

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Jack W.

I am also 84 and have had my LVAD since Oct 2011 . My wife and I have managed to enjoy life to the full and love travelling in the caravan up to Queensland every year with this year being an exception due to COVID-19. We have travelled around Tassie for 4 weeks, plus we have fitted in a couple of Aussie cruises over the last couple of years.

We have lots to be thankful for and pleased that you are also going well with your VAD.



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Barry and Susan (caregiver) S.

He won’t give up. We feel very fortunate having this time together.  Each day still after 52 years we grow closer.  ♥️

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Diane F.

Sending prayers your way that Gary’s breathing improves with prescribed treatment.