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Matthew B. Prospective Patient

Monthly out of pocket cost for LVAD patient

Good Evening, 

So I am assuming that most patients here are on medicare medical insurance. Can anyone share what the monthly out of pocket cost are for someone who has an LVAD unit? Hospital staff is not really giving me a straight answer. Should be pretty straight forward. Anyone have any financial information on the cost?  

Thanks in advance

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Medicare and our Medicare supplement through AARP/United have covered every penny, including not only the sterile dressing change kits but also Hibiclens, foley anchors, extra sterile gloves and extra bandages to cover the area outside the gauze pads under the drive line. My husband has a skin reaction to the drive line, so the nurses showed us how to use a 2x2 bandage to cover the area between the gauze and the foley anchor. Since he got his L-VAD 10/1/19, we have paid nothing whatever - other than our insurance premiums!

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Gary N.

Got a Blue Cross supplement , they pay everything Medicare doesn’t.

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Matthew B.

Thanks Amy,   I am not on Medicare yet but will be in Feb 2021. Had to wait out my disability period before getting on Medicare. Good to know that they pick up the tab, that is some what of a relief. 

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ron l.

Matthew, I have trouble with this format finding your previous posts. May I ask where you are having your srgery? Wishing you the best.

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Matthew B.

Hi Ron

I am having surgery  done at the Advent transplant center in Orlando Florida . 

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Suzii P.

Yes. I am on my way to Cleveland for appointment tomorrow about this. At first the answer was dehydration. Now realize low setting on pump is too low. Mine was ramped up from 5300 to 5500 in June. My low speed now needs to be adjusted to 5200 from 5000. I hear it, i feel it and it happens a dozen or more times a day. I do not get dizzy. It annoys the heck out of me snd though I've been told I'm not in danger I don't believe itsa good thing. Has your low flow alarm went off? Mine never has. That's why I questioned being dehydrated. Which can cause the drop. I just don't think that's my issue.

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Jim C.

The only time I’ve had low flow alarms are when using toilet or being intimate, started taking meds right away in the am and that seems to have corrected the toilet issue. My setting is @5400 and I have noticed it drops to 5000 and I get extremely light headed, not a fade to black time but a grab hold of something moment. Happens periodically throughout the day with no discernible pattern. Were you able to learn anything from your team?

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richard c.

i have heartware. when i first got it low flow alarm went off. they said just drink more water. if ur dehydrated that happens. the longer u have it the more fluid u can drink. organs working better

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Darla B.

I would also like to know an average monthly charge for medications and supplies. We do not have prescription drug coverage.  We are told that my husband is not a candidate without coverage. He was not told that prior to all of the testing