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Bernie R. Recipient

Should I need a walker

Received my LVAD March 2, 2019, and can not walk any distance without a walker.  I truly thought I would be able to function without it, but that has not been the case.  I get very short of breath walking without the walker, but can walk a long way with it.  Anyone have the same experience?


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Michelle T.

A lot depends on what your body went through during your surgery and how strong you were at the start.  It took quite awhile for my husband to get off the walker.  He did breathing exercises while watching television to increase his lung capacity and did all the walking he could stand to do without causing pain or dizziness. Unfortunately, the only way to get that functionality back is to fight for it and that is what my husband has had to do.  It's difficult to find a balance between safely pushing himself and taking a risk of hurting himself by pushing too hard!