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Larry B. Prospective Patient

Winter Vest

Just wanted to let everyone know about this vest. Vests in general have been a great option for me over the last 4+ years. I even wear one now to play golf in. But other than the high cost ones I’ve not had an option of a sleeveless one for winter wear. I wore this for the first time today. I wore it with the batteries in the mesh pockets and controller in a zippered inside pocket. Was fine until I got in the car and put my seat belt on. I didn’t like the way the seat belt applied pressure to the batteries pushing against my driveline site. So, on the way home I placed the batteries in the upper inside pockets and the controller in one of the mesh pockets. Much better and worked perfectly. This is a very warm sleeveless vest and very comfortable. Haven’t found anything in 4+ years that even comes close for warmth and versatility as this one does.“”