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Temporary LVAD?

Hello, my brother is currently going to get a LVAD. I apologize for bad English as I am still young and Im just very worried. My brother had gone through an operation and needed rehab therapy. However, the state we lived in did not offer him the specific rehab therapy so he needed to be flown out to another state. They were worried about his heart in the hospital so they told him to stay longer until he's okay. A week later they cleared him to fly out to another state, he stayed there for 2 weeks at most and when he tried flying back to us they would not let him because of his heart. Apparently, the rehab workers were not taking good care of his heart. Its been a week and he's been in the hospital in another state, they told him that its optional for him to get a LVAD but only temporarily. I have done research about LVAD and there's little information about people only having it temporarily. I am just confused because many say that its until you get a heart transplant. But the doctors say that he doesn't need a heart transplant. So Im just wondering is it possible for someone to have a LVAD temporarily? My brother is only 20 years old.