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Bib overalls with pockets added for batteries - size 54


I recently lost my brother after the LVAD extended his life for 5 years.  I had the pleasure of adding pockets to clothing for his batteries.  I have a pair of bib overall with the pockets added that he did not have the opportunity to wear. I would love to pass them along to someone.  They are size 54 X 32.  He was a big guy!  Let me know if someone can use these.  Please contact by email

Blessings, Helen



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Terry R.

Helen, I wear bibs working around the yard. Where did you add the pockets? I have been using the pockets in the bibs. The size you have is too large for me, but my wife is a sewing wonder. Thank you, Terry. 

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Helen P.

Hi Terry,

I'm so sorry but I already promised the bibs to someone.  But for reference, I put the pockets in the front "bib" area with velcro straps. Best wishes, Helen

Pocket location on bib overall