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'Rioke" Oghenerioke P. Recipient

LVAD Equipment to give away.....

Hi. I have some LVAD equipment. I got another heart,  three months ago.  I would love to give away to anyone who needs it. 

I have some pictures if you want to see them.

I live in Laurel, MD

I had a Lvad Heartmate 3.

Go Gear Battery Holster

2 Shower Bags

one consolidated bag

Battery Holster

Dressing supplies/ Kits



Rioke (


Let me know :)

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Nicole D.

Hi thank your for being so considerate I would love to get the shower bags and if you have a battery charger I would be really interested in it.  Thank you Portia

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'Rioke" Oghenerioke P.

I think the charger has to go back to the hospital. But you can have the bags....

Send me an email so that we can find out the shipping....


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'Rioke" Oghenerioke P.

Do you want both?

My name is Rioke

Let me know

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Brenton L.

I'm Brent from LVAD Gear and I'm looking to buy some used controllers and batteries for our seamstress to use when developing new items. You can contact me by email at 

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Kelly S.

I have purchased several different types of shirts for the LVAD3 for my husband.  Although the design is great the fit was too pulling on his back.  I have several would like 1/2 of what I paid for them as we all know they are quite expensive.  All in Xlarge and XXlarge - black in color and one in white.  Shipping would be free.    Celebration for my husband was football girdle that have built in pockets, turning inside out fits the batteries and the controller so weight is on top of the thigh, put shorts over them and you would never know he had the LVAD.  Hoping this brings possibility for golf this summer.  


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Neil W.

Hi everybody,

My name is Neil and I'm very much a newbie to this forum.

My LVAD was implanted March 12 2021 and I've been out of the hospital for about 6 weeks now.

So far, So good. I'm feeling stronger everyday.

I've had Cardiomyopathy for about 11 years now and for me, the LVAD is a destination therapy.

I'd bee more than happy to share all of my experiences to date with anybody on the forum.

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Joan K.

My husband just received a Heartmate III. He was given a consolidated bag, but it’s very heavy all in one unit. The GoGear holster vest looks like it would be ideal to help distribute the weight of the batteries and controller, but I cannot find anywhere online to order it. Does anyone know where to get the GoGear accessories? Thank you for your help!

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Larry B.

If they are going to charge you for one you would be better off buying inexpensive travel vest off of Amazon. Such as one like this

I have several of these. I even play golf in them with my HM3. Batteries fit perfectly on the inside. Just do a search for “multi pocket travel vest”.

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Kathy D.

My husband received his heart mate 3 over April 6, 2020.  I'm looking for a replacement go gear bag that hangs from his left shoulder. He is wearing his out.   Any suggestions appreciated.

Kathy D.

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Kathy D.

My husband has a heart mate 3 and needs a replacement consolidation bag. Is yours still available? He received his LVAD in April,  2020 and is to old for heart transplant.

Kathy D.