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Lisa G. Recipient

How do you use seatbelts

I received my Lvad early March and still just using the bag to hold my batteries etc.  How do you use your seat belt to support bag and not disturb your driveline?

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Jacqueline S.

Just put it on like you use do not going to any damage to your line I being had my lvad for 3 years ,good luck with your new life change it will all come very easily in a couple more months,  jackie Smith 

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Scott C.

I have a small snap shackle that clips on the belt and the bag when driving or riding in a car.  So far it’s worked great and offers the LVAD controller and batteries it’s own tether in case of an incident.  I’m much more worried about seat belts and airbag damage than the controller.  I just drive in  the slow lane these days.

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Lisa G.

I also worry about what might happen in an accident.  Now that I wear a fanny pack, I am not worried about it pulling away from me if in an accident.