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Lori C. Caregiver

Lvad activities after vaccine

Hello everyone you helped us soo much with vaccine information so I wanted to reach out to you again.  We just made one year with his LVAD! I’m very proud.. it’s been very tough, especially with Covid.

 What kind of activities do you recommend!  Right now my husband walks with a cane.  We are looking for things that he will relax and enjoy.  All ideas are welcome.  Also what do you do if members of your family do not want the vaccine? 

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Rebecca F.

Well, since you said all ideas are welcome, my husband reads his Bible daily, we trust the Lord when it comes to being around family without the vaccine. Now with this being said, he has had his Lvad for almost three years, we have had to make decisions like staying away from family during 2020 and should we send our daughter to in person learning for school. My husband has been cooped up for a long time, he does enjoy listening to music. Depending on where you live, small walks are nice....fresh air! Of course with Summer approaching it makes it hard. I do wish you all the luck, it’s definitely something that not many will ever understand, and it only makes us stronger to be a part of the LVAD experience.

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linda w.

I have had my LVAD for 4 years this June.  Since the pandemic  and retiring I have not socialized much, with family in very small groups.  Husband has COPD and IBM so he does not socialize either.  We have both been fully vaccinated and still very careful of who we are around as there are many asymptomatic folks out there.  We have both been very ill at times prior covid and not interested in going there again.  We have both been very close to death.  

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Larry B.

What did he enjoy prior to getting the VAD? There is not much one cannot do with a LVAD that they used to do prior to receiving it other than taking a bath or swimming. I’ve had mine now for almost five years and I play golf, walk, wash the vehicles, help with the housework, including running the vacuum, mow the yard, etc, etc, etc. I am not the type to sit around waiting for the grim reaper to show up. We don’t have any problems with the covid vaccine and our family. They all know how important to it is for everyone to be vaccinated. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t hesitate to refuse to invite them into our house. 

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Mercedes S.

Yes.... I couldn’t do anything. But before yes it was swimming, beaches and pools. Walking on trails with my dogs. Food festivals and having a glass of wine with finger foods. Shopping at Kohl’s and Macy’s. Having pride in a clean and organized house. Excising. Making a delicious dinner for my family. Etc. etc. 

love going to church and helping others. I’m a Deacon praying with for and others, still do. Love to help in my husband’s garden. Enjoying this beautiful life. God is good

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scott s.

  Have had lvad since 8/1/19  I would say talk to lvad coordinater about limits to activities as everyone's heart is different

I recently completed cross country trip by myself from North Carolina to the Pacific with stops at Redwood Forest, the Grand Canyon and other places. I took a couple weeklong trips first to learn what is necessary. Project ideal # of miles each day.  Wait until afternoon each day to book that nights hotel.  You never know how far you  will be able to drive that day.  I had to tell well meaning family I flunked invalid 101 course. I can do about anything I want.  Replaced clutch on pickup, house repairs, yard work, etc.  Not ill, just inconvenienced.  Mental attitude is everything.  You get out of a recovery what you put into it.