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Barbara Cole C. Recipient


My name is Barbara, I've had my Lvad Heartmate 3 over 3 years. So far I haven't experienced any major issues  thank God! My question is regarding medication sensitivity and high PI's. Can anyone share regarding their experience with medicatons and High PI with Heartmate 3?

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Diane B.

Hi Barbara

I cannot comment on medications without knowing which ones you mean. My husband had his Heartmate 3 LVAD end of last August and a few weeks ago he started getting high PI (instead of 1.7 to 1.9 he was 7 to 9 at times). he felt terrible when that happened and dizzy. Got him to see team and they did a speed echo and found out his native (own) heart had improved a a lot since this last January's echo (10% ejection fraction to 35%) and so the pump and his heart were too effective and sending too much blood out of ventricle resulting in what the call a suction event. They dropped his set lower limit speed on VAD and he is doing great. I would suggest calling your VAD team and see if they can help you. Hope this helps !  Diane