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Paid Research Interviews for VAD Patients / Parents

Do you have a Heartmate or a Heartware VAD? Are you the parent of a child implanted with a Heartmate or a Heartware VAD? We want to talk to you!

We are conducting a research study in support of a new VAD system and we would like to talk with you about your experiences with your or your child’s VAD. We’d like to ask you about what your day-to-day life is like with a VAD and how the VAD affects your activities. We’d like to talk about any problems you may have had in changing batteries or the controller itself. We like to ask you about how you deal with alerts and alarms from the VAD, and about any times that you may have had to contact your VAD support team or emergency medical services. We’d like to ask for your thoughts on how the VAD system could be easier to use.

We’d like to conduct a video or a telephone interview with you that would last approximately 60 minutes, and you would be paid for your time.

Would you be interested in speaking with us and sharing your and your family’s experiences? If so, please complete this short survey, and one of our research associates will reach out to you if you qualify.