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Heart Disease after MI

Hi Everyone,

Would like to ask people here about their experiences with an LVAD and what sort of improvements it had made to your life after it was installed.  My Dad has congestive heart failure after a MI and part of his heart has died.  He suffers from edema in the legs, feet and stomach and BP is up and down depending on fluid intake.  He is not a candidate for a heart transplant but wondering at the age of 79 is there any benefits if possible for an LVAD?, does it make a considerable improvement in individuals who have had this done.  There is not really much information online about what an LVAD has done to improve peoples lives and the changes before and after....Please if you could share your experiences with me i would much appreciate your time...Thank you Glyn

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Rosa A.

My husband had his lvad put in in 2020. And the complications have been minimal. He still takes LASIK for the accumulation of fluids and that causes him to have dizzy spells. And a few weeks ago he had enternal bleeding. That was scary as we don't do blood transfusions. But thanks to our Heavenly Father he is doing well. Considering he is very advance with his heart. Has very little volume.

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Larry B.

Prior to the HM3 I couldn’t walk to the mailbox without being out of breath. I’ve had numerous MI’s over the last 29 years. I wad a five way bypass when I was 43 and did quite well until I wasn’t!  I am going on 72 now and five years with my LVAD. I was placed on the transplant list when I was 50 as a stage 2 (low priority). I stayed on that list right up until I received my LVAD at age 66. Never got moved up because the pressures in the heart were too high and they said any heart I might receive wouldn’t work because of these pressures. Anyway, received my HM3 while it was still in the trial process. It has worked flawlessly for almost five years now. No more shortness of breath. I play golf twice a week. Wash 5he vehicles and mow the yard. I basically do everything that I used to do before I got sick except swim. I have never been a bath type of person so no great loss. I do take a shower every morning, sometimes two in a day if I’ve played golf. Life is good. I’ve read about people in their 80’s enjoying life again after receiving their LVAD’s. Depends on how much one wants to live. 

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scott s.

I was 61 when I had mine done.  I am 63 now.  Quality of life improved for me.  If I hadn't had itd one I would be quitting on myself.  Enabled me to live years instead of days or weeks.  Recently completed cross country drive solo.  It was worth the inconvenience of surgery and common sense restrictions.  Swimming the English Channel not pn my bucket list.  

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Rosa A.

Billy's lvad has been a year so far doing pretty good. He walks about 2 miles a day. Does have some passing out episodes once in a while. So I do stay with him most of the time. Slow to move but goes with me shopping and walking. He is 72. So we are happy with what he has. As he was within days before the lvad. Very greatful to have him with me. We will golf again in Paradise . 

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Elizabeth L.

My Godfather was in end stage heart failure he had LVAD put in on 1-6-23 . He’s had every complication possible . He is 79 yrs old. He initially spent 3 months in the hospital . Came home 2 weeks went back in the hospital . He currently is back in the hospital his 3rd time since coming home after LVAD surgery . It’s 16 days today . They did a VTach ablation last Wednesday. It wasn’t successful. Now they have him on drug they use in last resort which is making him sick . Personally I wouldn’t want to live my life like this . 🙏😥

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Rosa A.

Walking is the best thing for them. Learn how to live a new way of life. My husband is doing so well that we ate at this moment traveling cross country. My husband is 73.