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Sataron W. Recipient

Driveline and shirt management

I am a new LVAD recipient about to leave the hospital after implant. I'm concerned about my shirts getting caught on my driveline. Any tips or suggestions on how to avoid this or how to best wear my tshirts 

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Mick S.

Hi....I have had my Heartmate lll since 2016 and no problems with wearing T-shirts. I have what basically looks like a manbag. There is a flap on the back with velcro. I put my driveline through that and it secures it so your T-shirt hangs normally. Other recipients I know put the driveline in the waistband of their jeans or trousers.

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My husband had his shirts altered - a seamstress cut up the side seam several inches and then put Velcro or snap closures to hold the bottom together,  It has worked well for his almost 3 years of having a LVAD.  If you sew, it would be easy to do yourself.

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Chuck S.

I have had my LVAD for 29 

months I where a harness over my t-shirt

works Good I tuck my cables in my waist ban most of the time

the LVAD changes a lot of things that you will have to use to the way I look at I wouldn’t be if hadn’t got the LVAD 

you will get use to it


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Brenton L.


I am Brent from the LVAD Gear company. Check out our shirts and tanks that will hold all of your equipment and cables in place, then you can wear any of your dress shirts over the top with nothing being exposed. Please check out or website and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.