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Dick T. Prospective Patient

Flying with LVAD

Planning on flying from Milwaukee to Orlando in February. Any tips or suggestions on how to manage the LVAD equipment?

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Tonya E.


when I flew I had a small carry one bag( the one with wheels) and had my back up batteries,and vad supplies packed in there. I also went to my coordinator and got a letter saying that I couldn't go thru the xray machine and I needed my equipment and supplies near by.  I made sure I could board in the first group to give me more time to get settled and situated. 

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Chuck S.

I flew from Boston to Virginia with a few hours notice . Called my LVAD team and they put things emailed me a letter for TSA stating my requirements for my LVAD and they found me a hospital nearby in Virginia for VAD patients 

I had to go off transplant list for the week 

LVAD team took care of what I needed In  a short time frame and we just need remember that they are here to helps

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Sharon P.

There is a program called TSA Cares for assistance for persons with disabilities or medical conditions. You call them 72 hours before your departure to assistance preparing for the security process. I haven't used them yet because I keep forgetting about the assistance.

Their phone number is 855-787-2227 or

I'm sure I'm not alone but I have such deep gratitude for my LVAD team. They make life go so smoothly and frequently go the extra mile to help solve non medical problems i.e. medicare and insurance. I am very blessed.