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Adrienne H. Caregiver

Lvad and acupuncture

Hey! Just asking for my dad who newly has lvad. He used to enjoy acupuncture, does anyone know if he is still able to receive this support? He will have lvad for the rest of his life so we’re trying to find a way to do the things he’s done for health and body support.  Thanks!

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Ken D.

I was just clear by the VAD team to receive acupuncture for the foot pain

( possibly neuropathy) that appears afte I gut the LVAD.

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Alicia R.

He just needs to be aware that if he’s laying on his stomach, he might want to check with his team about if his wound is healed enough for it. And laying on his stomach might be a bit uncomfortable. If there’s an option for him to sit up, it might be more comfortable for him.