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Victor M. Caregiver

LVAD shirts

If anyone wants to donate LVAD shirts in XL or XXL , please let me know.  They are so expensive.  Thank you so much!

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Todd J.

Victor, I've tried the shirts and like you said they are too expensive and not only that you'll have a very bulky look while wearing them. I've had my LVAD since early 2018 and have tried everything, satchel, shirt, waist belt, etc. In my opinion, here is the best thing to wear that I just recently purchased. They're called bicycle bibs. What they are, are the suits you see competitive bicycle riders wearing. They're not  only comfortable, but they're only about 35 dollars a pair. They have pockets on the side for you to put the batteries. There's no place to put the controller but what I do is just cut a hole in my pants pocket and slip the controller in it. Wearing one of these totally conceals your equipment. You can also try cargo pants and shorts. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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Garicke R.

Check into concealed weapon shirts.  5.11 sells them, can get on-line.  I had worn them for years with my lvad.  They come in white and black have 2 pockets for batteries.  Moisture wicking. 

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Victor M.

Thank you Garicke

I will check them out on 5.11.   We’re you able tp put the controller in a pocket too?  Which shirt did you use from them?

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Garicke R.

I had the HM2 so my controller just fit in pants pocket.  That's what I loved about it. Knowone could tell I had anything. I knew a few who had someone sew in a pocket for the controller.  

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Snow B.

I have 2XL clothing, shirts, vests, etc I would like to give to someone. I am willing to ship but not willing to pay for shipping. Please let me know. I live in Winston Salem NC if you’d rather pick up. All are good condition.