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Marilyn S. Caregiver

Drive Line drainage


I am new the this forum. My husband had his LVAD implant in late August 2021. He is still experiencing heavy drainage from the driveline. We are  changing his daily dressings every 2-3 days. The site itself looks really good and is not the concern. Our LVAD team has recently suggested taking Juven for wound healing. Has anyone else experienced this excessive drainage? (post surgery almost 6 months). Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thank you


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Kathleen N.

Hi my husband got his lvad 11/09/21. Drainage lightened up... went to dressing changes every 2 day....then all of a sudden  there was a increase in drainage..  talked to hus team and they said it was most likely do to movement/tugging on the drive line....hubby mives alot in his sleep..  they suggested a binder... its helped with the drainage.   Hope that helps... ask your team about a binder