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Steve K. Recipient

lvad dressing kits

I've had a lvad since 1/16/2019. My issue is medicare keeps denying my lavd dressing kit costs. As of January 2020 (finally got out of hospital) I require a dressing change everyday because of drainage at the driveline site due to pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. I have been in and out of hospital for the entire year of 2020 due to this infection. Surgeons have finally gotten things under control, driveline relocation, removing bacteria from chest, scraping bacteria from driveline, and wrapping drive line with muscle tissue. Now infection only exists at driveline exit site. I will be on lifelong suppressive therapy due to this infection. Another issue is medicare has recently denied my battery change out. I have medicare part A & B and a unitedhealthcare advantage plan part G. Does anyone else have these insurance issue? 

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Deborah C.

Medicare will pay for Wound Care & Surgical Dressings. We were lucky to have my work insurance which was excellent coverage and paid first. Make sure they know why you need the dressings.

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Deannie S.

I did not have Medicare at the time of implant but I did have good work insurance. My VAD coordinator sent in a prescription to Wound Care Resources and I was able to get what I needed each month. If it is not on your script,  insurance will not cover it. I retired last June and now have Medicare, but no problems with coverage so far. My batteries had to be replaced before I was eligible for Medicare and my work plan paid 80%.

I would be sure that you have a script on file from your VAD team.