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Darla A. Recipient

Extra Equipment to Donate

Hello Everyone!

I recently became the proud owner of a new heart!  

As a result of my new gift, I have several equipment items up for grabs, if anyone is interested.  I have the following items, all for a Heartmate 3:

Extra batteries / Extra controller / Two battery clips / 8x12 tegaderm bandages / 1 ladies, black, size large, quilted vest - fits the HM3 equipment.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will ship them out to you for free!   Thank you, Darla

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Stephanie S.

That is such great news! I hope you are recovering well and enjoying your new heart! I will be praying for you.
I received a heart mate 3 October of 2020. I am on the heart transplant list and hoping to be blessed with a new heart soon. I would be very grateful to receive your extra equipment and when (not if) I receive a new heart I will pay it forward and offer the extra equipment to someone else. 

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Darla A.


Please folllow up with me at and I can make arrangements to get you things that I have.   Darla

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Jyostna P.

That is great news.Prayers for his good health.I am interested in buying his batteries for heartmate 3 for my husband.if u still have them.My email is

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Clarence L.

It’s great to hear you have a new heart! God bless you!!

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Christopher M.

It would be wonderful if I could acquire the extra control unit. I’m in the zoom lvad group as well.

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Darla A.

Hi Christopher!   

I haven't seen you on the LVAD talk group in a while.  I hope all is well!   Unfortunately, the controller is on it's way to someone else who asked about it earlier.  At this point all that I have left are 4 batteries.    Darla 

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Matthias M.

    Hi Darla,

    I am a newbie Lvad recipient. I just got it last November.  4 batteries would be great. May I ask how long you had the Lvad? Thanks!

Good luck with your new heart.

All the best,


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Brenda M.

My father had a Heart mate 2 for 11 years. I now have his battery charger, pump, accessories.  Please contact if anyone is in need of extra supplies.

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Shari M.

My husband is on his 2md LVAD, he had the Heartware from August 2017 till this past October. His first one went into failure so it was replaced with the Heartmate 3. If you have that one would love to get extra battery charger. Please contact me if this is what you have.

Thank You

Shari Moyer/ caregiver