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Mary C. Family Member

Heart ware lvad shirts

My husband recently passed away. I have 4 lvad vest shirts (3 black, 2white, size medium). They work really well and are comfortable with a Heartware lvad. I would like to donate them since I know they are costly to buy.

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Leah H.


i am a social worker at a heart failure clinic in louisville ky

if they are still available i have a couple of patients that would love to have shirts!


my email is

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Barbara C.

I will mail it out in a couple days I hope your husband is doing well Kathy. Mine is just 2 years July 1st in Tampa General hospital! The vad team is awesome there!


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Catherine C.

Hi Mary

My husband just got out of surgery a week ago. I bought him one shirt. We are on a limited income and would appreciate any shirts you may have left. 

Thanks so much

My email is


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Tiffany T.

Greenwood Indiana or Benton, Illinois. My brother in law passed away and I have a bunch of lvad equipment to give to someone. If you know of anyone let me know. I will not ship. 

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Dawn D.

I am very sorry for your loss and thank you for thinking of others during this difficult time.

If there is anything left, I would be grateful and willing to pay toward it and pay shipping.  I am in Massachusetts.

I just joined, so I would think it's all gone, but wanted to reach out anyhow.

God bless

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Cheri E.


If you still have these clothing items. I would be interested in them.

Would gladly pay for the shipping.  I live in Minnesota.