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colleen h. Caregiver

Pain from driveline

My husband had Lvad surgery 6/2/22. He has the Heartmate 3. Today finally he got up and walked a little. But he is having excruciating pain at the drive line site when he stands and sits. He says it hurts all the time but not as bad as when he stands and sits. He says it feels like someone is stabbing him with a knife in the lower right abdomen. Has anyone else had this experience. I might add that the pain has always been there but now pronounced.

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Charlie C.

Hang with it. Your still in early recovery. It’s massive surgery and will take time to heal. As a veteran of 6 years with LVAD’s and, 3 Lvad implantations, and now a transplant (7/18/21) take your pain meds as needed and you will get through the discomfort Lvad III is a Great Leap Forward in technology and you should return to presurgical functioning. Get yourself some fishing vests with pockets big enough for the batteries they help to distribute the weight. Everyone’s journey is different and I wish you the best of luck on yours

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David W.

Is the Foley anchor holding the driveline securely? My driveline hurt some with movement but after the driveline healed into the skin, the pain is nearly nonexistent.