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Ron T. Recipient

LVAD connectors?

Does anyone have extra driveline connectors? The line that goes from the driveline to the controller? My dad is always out tinkering and this part of the cord likes to fall out of the bottom of his shirt (he tries to tuck, tape, and cover it) last week he almost cut it in half with a car hood? The provider just told him he would be fine taping it but not if its cut in half!!!! Its scary that they have supplied him with back up everything EXCEPT for this one wire!!!! I tried to find a site to just buy one but could not find what I was looking for. Any suggestions on equipment???

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Joanne L.

Is your father using driveline foley anchors? We actually use two; one near the driveline abdomen exit/entrance point and another ~200mm across the abdomen. This method keeps most of the driveline safe. It also provides mitigation in case of an accidental pull.

As you have found, the driveline cable won't be available on the open market (regardless of LVAD version). I suppose you might be able to get it directly from either Abbott (Heartmate) or Medtronic (Heartware) at significant cost. You or your father could check with his LVAD team or coordinator on this, too.



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Diane B.

I doubt you will find this anywhere. This is not something to tinker with ! Is it just the outside casing or is there a possibility of any internal  wires being damaged. You really should insist on seeing his clinic ASAP. If he pulled hard enough to damage the wire I would have questions about damage to the the exit site as well causing a deadly infection potentially. My husband just got a custom made LVAD shirt which is fantastic but expensive for the 1st one. It incorporates a zipper from bottom to above controller pocket that allows you to keep that loop under the shirt so nothing is hanging out to get caught. The sewer is Laura and her website is It may be worth the investment for you.

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Sassy123 B.

My husband had heartmate 2 he used concealed weapon shirts replace batteries in it kept everything in place