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LVAD Weekly Change Kits

Hello... I have 9 Centurion Driveline Management System Kits. Part number DT17415. If you can use these please let me know; no charge, of course. I also have a few extra foley anchors. Just cleaning out supplies we no longer need.

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Sharon S.

If you have any of the change kiits available I would be interested in them for my husband. My email is Of course I’ll pay for shipping.

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Karman M.

This post may irritate some but I feel I need to post this. It drives me crazy people talk about getting there gift. What the heck is the LVAD. Didn’t that save your life. I’ve seen way to many people over the last 4 years that I’ve had my LVAD,  that are no longer here after they received there gift 💝  They were people all of them doing so great with there Lvads that after transplant they never made it back. I’m so committed to my LVAD. No one will ever talk me out of removing it. I also like the fact that technology is always looking to make the system smaller, maybe even concealed inside. A part breaks you take a new one off the shelf anyways I’m jus saying cause I just lost another LVAD friend to a heart transplant that I will never get to talk to again. Gift….. not to sure about that 

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Randolph O.

What is your age and what kind of LVAD do you have. I don’t see any reason you who have to get a 💝 transplant. If you are good. 
I got my LVAD on 12/15/20. I have the first Evaheart LVAD in the U.S.  I got from Methodist Heart Hospital in San Antonio. I am doing cardio rehab two times a week but I am still having trouble walking. I’m 73 and I seem to have lost some muscle mass. I was transferred to San Antonio from Corpus Christi, TX by ambulance. I stopped breathing on the way and the EMTs stopped in Jordanton, TX and I was placed on a respirator. I found out that I have  cardiomyopathy in 2004 during a stress test for bilateral knee replacement. Apparently I’ve had it all my life. I played sports starting in Little League when I was eight. I played all through HS. I even played softball into my fifties. I feel like Jesus has given me extra time to be with my family and friends. I thank him every day. 
I would like to compare my medications with someone else who has an LVAD. And it would help if you identified the kind of LVAD you have when posting. 

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Steve M.

Greetings Randolf , I have a HM 2 LVAD August 25,  2022 was my 1 year (yay) you know it comes with a lot of new emotions some not ez at all , however my story 62 years old very active construction manager May 13 2021 2:15 pm I knew it was a heart attack had 1 the year before but I loved my job , while in OR Doc said this is not good and you have a lot ahead of you. SO TRUE ! MY FUNCTION fell to 5/10% so I was introduced to a LVAD for survival and stepping back a moment before my 1 st cardiac event I knew something was wrong I couldn't breathe,  So during 6 weeks and 3 medical facilities later all treated me for  bronchitis,Monday am standing in ER a full blown Heart attack now moving forward to where left off , LVAD surgery was tough and life with a new  LVAD is  too my journey has been financially difficult but that's ok I will make it. My regiment of daily meds consist of 10 mg farxiga, 5 mg warfrin,125 mcg digoxen,25 mg metoporol ,20 mg sidlenifil , 80 mg atorvastatin and every other day 20 mg  torsemide, I hope this helps. IAM SORRY FOR THE LENGTHY RESPONSE ,Stay well Steve M.