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Patricia F. Family Member

LVAD Gear to share

I have two LVAD Gear tank tops that we no longer need. One 3X in black and one 4X in black. They were used for the Heartmate III system. Used, but still in reasonable condition. No charge... just clearing items we no longer need. Please let me know if you can use them.

Also have the shower bags, Heartmate III batteries, controllers, carrying case for extra batteries and controllers, wall charging unit. New in December 2020. Again, no charge, just want to move them to someone who can use them.

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Victoria T.

I’m new to this group as my father just received a heartmate 3 this last week and we’ve been having troubles finding vests in his size (3x). Is there an alternative way I could reach out to you? We are located in Florida. 

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Patricia F.

Please contact me I also have a sleep belt size 2X that's only been worn once. I would be glad to send that as well. Patty F.

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Jack G.

I've had my heartmate 3 for about a year and a half at present I have one lvad shirt could use another but there so expensive so was wondering if you still have... Jack .