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Equipment & Dressing to give away

Hi All

After 2&1/2 years of using HVAD (Heartwear from Medtronics), my husband passed due to device malfunction (they gave him impella as a temporary device, but this time it didnt work). He fought valiantly for 2 months, and did recover his cognition etc. (was able to remember everything, follow commands, breathe on his own, much to the surprise of the doctors) but then he got infection and from that time onwards, every time he recovered  a bit, something dragged him down.

I have the HVAD charging station, one extra battery, lots of dressing kits, large Tegaderm bandage used for putting over the LVAD dressing while bathing etc., HVAD shirts with pockets for battery and lot of wound dressing. 

Please let me know if anyone wants. I am in Stamford, CT.

All the best to all of you!

God bless