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Laura W. Family Member

Lvad Equipment and clothing

My dad recently passed, we would like to donate his equipment and clothing;  Heart Mate 2.  We have spare batteries (4 boxes w/4 batteries in each box), battery charger, the remote for the batteries, shirts (large) and vests (large).  Equipment and clothing are very clean, my dad was very particular about keeping everything clean!  

If interested let me know.  Not sure if I should leave my phone or email here so I will check back periodically.  We are located in Minnesota & Wisconsin.   

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Adrienne H.

I’m so sorry to hear of this. My heart goes to you and your family ❤️  If you’d be open to shipping, my dad is in need of shirts and vests. I could surely pay for shipping. I’m so appreciative that you’re offering this to others .

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Adrienne H.

Absolutely. If you need any more support or someone to talk to please reach out.

I will send you my email and will send you my address that way, I’m not sure how to directly message you on here it doesnt seem to work and I don’t want to post my address super publicly to everyone. My email is, don’t mind the auto response at all that is my work email 🌞💕. Thank you again Laura

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Sharan H.

I'm trying to get a doppler to check my husband's return to flow. Does insurance cover cost? We are on fixed income so if you no a cheap place please share. Be blessed and  thank you. 

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Robert T.

Clothes would be great my old man has the LVAD heartmate3 device I can't afford this 100 dollars shirts and boxers or the cargo pants