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Long-term facilities

Hi my brother brother has had an  l vad  For about 8 years now. Around June he suffered a fall hitting his head and causing him to have a brain bleed, He had to be rushed to Rochester in Minnesota. They removed part of a skull to let his brain swell. He was in the hospital for For 50 days and now he is going to be needing to go to a skilled nursing facility, We are having problems finding a place that will take him because of his lvad. We're hoping to find a place for him soon the place that hes in now is in Wisconsin and they don't want him there because they don't know how to care for the device. So anyone that has any information on skilled nursing facilities that that accept patience with the device in Wisconsin Minnesota Minnesota South Dakota South Dakota or Iowa, I would be really grateful for any input.

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Nancy C.

I think there should be a list put together for this purpose. I have yet to find a facility and have been caring for my family member for 8 years! She is completely dependent on me and I would love to find somewhere where she can be in good hands for 6 or 7 months out of the year while I take care of me. There should be some facilities dedicated to lvad patients in every state imo. Good luck and I hope you find a place.