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Randy O.

I have an Evaheart 2. I received my LVAD at Methodist Heart Hospital in San Antonio, TX, on Dec. 15, 2020. I would like to know if anyone else is using Amioderone for A Fib. 
I got my implant for CHF due to cardiomyopathy. My ejection fraction was <15. 
I would like to hear from anyone else with an Evaheart LVAD. 

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Reiss T.

Yes, I have been on Amiodarone for a few years because of a-phib AND ventricular tachycardia. Was on a 200 mg dose but cut back to 100 mg about a year ago due to possible lung complications since I am also dealing with a form of pulmonary fibrosis. I was recently shocked by my defibrillator while I was in V-tach and will be meeting soon with my electrophysiologist and my pulmonologist to discuss strategy. It may be a bit of a catch-22. Amiodarone may or may not be a contributor to my lung issues but is probably not the underlying cause in my particular case. Another medical mystery. BTW, tomorrow is the 12-year anniversary of the implant of my HMII.  

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Joanne L.

     Hi there- I received my heart mate 3 in May of this year. I am 64 years old. I had been on Amiodarone on and off for a few years due to Ventricular tachycardia and AFIB. I started running into some real problems with this drug. My cardiologist said that it is toxic -however for people that have advanced heart failure it was one of the only options for treatment of arrhythmia.  There is another drug called Sotolol which can also be used but it is a beta blocker and can also have nasty side effects. I was told that after my surgery I would have to be kept on the Amiodarone for at least six weeks. However I was starting to have serious Thyroid problems and lung issues. My pulmonologist talked to the cardiologists about my situation. He recommended that I be taken off the drug due to the horrible cough that I had. So I was taken off of it at 5 weeks post surgery. It is now September and I have no cough and my lungs are healthy. Honestly, I am very grateful to no longer be taking it! Now - I do still have some arrhythmia issues. Primarily frequent PVCS and possibly some AFIB. However my Doctors say that it is basically irrelevant because my pump is taking care of things. In my case - I have just simply learned to tolerate the irregular beats. Unless it gets too severe I plan on staying off of Amiodarone. I also had my ICD removed during surgery -so my LVAD is it for me. I am starting to finally feel better and get my life back . I was sick with Severe Heart Failure for three years and this is really a gift. I hope this helps!





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Larry B.

I don’t have an Evaheart. But I did take Amioderone for a short period. During the brief time I was on it it managed to ruin my thyroid. That was over 5 yrs ago and I still have to take a daily pill for my thyroid. It also put me back in the hospital for another 10 days where they finally had to do a cardiac ablation. The ablation is what straightened me out. But, I would never take amiodorone again. Even my team recognized how ugly a drug it is.

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Sharon P.

My husband takes amiodarone for Afib and I have the Heartmate 3 and take it for Vtach. I have taken it off and on for 25 years. 

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Eric L.

I also have an everheart from tufts in Boston mass. I am also on amiideron. Was the second patient at tufts to recieve the Eva heart