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Kelly S. Caregiver

Shower Bags

I have two brand new shower bags love to offer them to anyone in need of them.

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Emma K.

Yes please. I had my LVAD in February so haven’t got anything.

Hope they are still available. I live in Surrey. Uk England 

Many thanks

Emma Knight

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Jeanne C.

Hi Emma!

I’m a caregiver for my husband who got his LVAD in September. We were told that a shower bag would not be issued until his driveline is completely healed. He STILL hasn’t gotten one. I do dressing changes every other day, or daily when he’s been more active and there is more drainage. Meaning he’s not healed up yet. We’re told that it takes some people up to a year!

The risk of infection is real, and if you shower before you’re all healed up, it could put you at greater risk. Ask your practitioners before you shower to be safe.

Happy Day,

Jeanne C.

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Rita W.

Hi Kelly,

I would like one. Where are you located? Thanks