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I just found your website. I have a story to tell. I made a diary from when I decided to have surgery till today. It was daily while in the hospital to a week or so out. Then whenever I have something to add. I hate to brag but the LAVD team at Banner University Hospital in Phoenix calls me their star patient. I had my surgery 10/16/2019. Someone told me the surgeon who performed the operation used to be a plumber! My brother said it was a good thing he wasn't a butcher. When I tell people I have no pulse one of them asked me if I could still see myself in the mirror. Enough of that. Someone mentioned attitude. I have been asked to talk to a few potential candidates and one in particular just didn't seem to appreciate how lucky he was to have this technology available. I look at all the stuff I have to do- dressings, medications, showers, batteries, MAP, vitals, INR, etc, etc. as a hobby. I sympathize with the bad experience Thomas Martin had with his cardiologist. I had a similar one. They don't seem to understand that we don't even know what questions to ask. I don't have the stamina I had 5 years ago but I have more than before the surgery and it has been steady since. No better, no worse. As for clothing, try LVAD As for supplies I was dealing with a mail order company and after 3 years found out they were overcharging insurance. Marking up products by 400%. All the stuff is on the internet and you may have to go to more than one source.