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Ellen E. Caregiver


My husband is going to have LVAD surgery.  We began this journey at UTSW in Dallas hoping for a heart transplant.  The transplant was not approved due to age and other health conditions.  UTSW did approve him for LVAD surgery.  He has also been approved for an LVAD at Baylor Scott & White in Fort Worth which is where we live.  Does anyone have any experience with either of these hospitals? 

Thank you so much for your input.

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Edeltraud O.

Good morning, Ellen,

My name is Christina, and I'm also a cargiver. My husband had his LVAD surgery exactly one year ago at The Heartclinic Plano (Baylor Scott & White). He (now 74 years old) was in a critical condition due to advanced CHF. We were very pleased with the cardiologists/surgeons, medical staff and treatments. 

Recovery was challenging. The outpatient LVAD team did a great job to support us.

Best wishes,

Christina O.