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Adrienne H. Caregiver

Anyone that has an lvad that lives in New Jersey or PA?


im just curious , I’m sure my dad would love to meet other people that also share this experience. I think sometimes it can feel isolating.


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Lee S.

I live in SE PA...about 60 miles west of Philly.

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Bob S.

There are quite a few VAD People in Southern New Jersey...We personally know...One in Cape May County, Three in Atlantic County and two in Gloucester County!  


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John P.

My husband just marked his 3 year LVAD anniversary on May 1st.  It can feel isolating at times because it's a very unique situation that most people don't understand.  In fact, he just had a knee replacement which was a very scary decision and appears to have done well. But, I can say, he doesn't give up. He loves gardening and still does all he can. We figure that's why he does so well.

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Adrienne H.

Wow yes! That’s beautiful I’m glad he’s doing well!

my father also makes big gardens and spends a lot of his free time picking up trash in parks and  highways and just anywhere. He really finds a lot of purpose in anything nature related 

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Rick G.

My wife got and LVAD Oct 2022, and she is really leaning towards keeping it till she dies. We have been told that life expectancy is long with it vs a heart transplant! Is this what was told to you other LVAD recipients? There are pros and cons, I know that, but living with the LVAD and quality of life seems worse due to battery packs, battery bag, driveline etc!!.