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Ryan h. Pediatric Patient

Heart palpitations maybe

I’ve been shocked several times. I’ve had two ablations. One last May and one in November. I was wondering if anyone ever gets the feeling that their heart is racing, palpitations, heart feeling strange when urinating at times. Every time I feel anything I go into a panic. My doctors say I’ve got PTSD from being shocked. My problem is I can’t tell the difference in a palpitations and arrhythmia. Really just wanted to know if anyone else had these problems. Thanks

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Kenneth M.

I have had my lvad for about 5 years. I actually live on a houseboat. Would like to get a jet ski and ride with a dry suit on . I.hay had jet skis in the past and can ride without getting soaked but occasionally may get knocked off but get right back out of the water. Dry suit would be highest quality I can get get . Anyone else ever try this . I would not be trying to swim in it but never know if I get knocked in the water. Would also limit riding in smooth water conditions only . 

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Larry B.

I’ve been shocked 11 times over the years and have also had an ablation. I ask about the bi-V because if you have one it should be monitored by your cardiologist. They gave me a control unit that communicates with my cardiologist who can see everything going on remotely. Won’t show palpitations but will show arrhythmia. I definitely understand the PTSD. I had the same 5hing but it eventually went away when the palpitations stopped, out of the blue with no meds addressing them. I had the so bad they literally racked my body. Like I said, they eventually went away on their own and I cannot even remember them ending! The good this is palpitations are not dangerous to anything other than your mental health.