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Angela B. Recipient

Enjoy Life

I have MyLVAD for almost 4 years. I want to encourage everyone to live your best life do not allow the LVAD to hinder you. Don’t be ashamed to go in public. Of course people are curious and just explain to them and you will be surprised at how understanding they will be and amazed because we are amazed.  Put on your dancing shoes go dancing, go to the movies, go to the beach hey, put on a bathing suit put on swim trunks, enjoy your life we do not have to be embarrassed about our condition because everyone is dealing with something their something  just not ours something. This is our second chance. Enjoy it. Enjoy every moment get you some friends, family support groups or just a one person who is willing to do crazy fun stuff with you don’t be afraid. Life is still what we make of it & trust me it can be a good life. There will be ups and downs and it’s OK to cry, get down and out but don’t stay there MOVE CHANGE THE MOOD because we will get through this DON’T GIVE UP! GOD BLESS 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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Phillip M.

It would be awesome to keep track of the accomplishments of LVAD patients. I've wondered if anyone has run a marathon or sailed around the world. 

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Jyostna P.

I am so glad to hear that u went to Japan. How many hours were u in Plane?My husband had LVAD Heartmate III 3 years ago. He wants to go to India but we are scared.

Enjoy your Life Matthew.

all the best,

Jyotsna (care giver)

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Lee S.

Just got back from Scottsdale AZ, visited the Grand Canyon and the Meteor Crater. Fantastic was alittle toasty....102 degrees. I'm from PA. My low battery started chirping at me on the plane. Other then problems. Heading to Florida later this month. Gotta get out and enjoy.

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Diane B.

Great to see LVADers getting out and enjoying life !! Travel can be a bit challenging for you and your family but there are many possiblities.  Last summer to celebrate our 50th Wedding anniversary my husband (3years post implant) and I, with daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren went to the south of France for 2 weeks. With proper planning and the will to succeed almost anything is possible. We flew from Sarasota  Florida to Newark and then direct to Nice. If you are planning a long air trip,  break it up if you can so that you can regroup if necessary. The only problem we had was with TSA at Newark airport hassling about the sterile dressing kits because the sterile saline was in kit and they wanted to test each bottle. I had letter from VAD clinic citing the various regulations and the need for everything to be carry on but despite vigorous objections and explaining that we had already been cleared in Sarasota they would not budge. I would strongly urge you to use another  gateway city if possible and make sure clinic specifically has a paragraph about sterile dressing kits in the letter. Also be sure you have the right adapters for the country you are visiting. BTW if you have an Heartmate 3 it is dual voltage so you only need adapter not converter. Confirmed by Abbot prior to trip and worked perfectly in France. We had a great time and that will be a trip we will all remember forever.

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Joanne L.

Hi everyone,

I am now about 13 months post implantation. I feel completely normal. I am used to the routine and it is easy and very doable. I just started driving again. I hadn’t been behind the wheel of a car for three years and it feels like it always did. I just had my one year checkup and everything is very stable. I beat out all the other patients on the six minute walk. I am the six minute walk champion. My numbers were so good that I don’t really even qualify for any studies etc. In other words I am too fit😂. I cannot tell everyone how grateful I am for this second chance. I thought that I was going to die. I was so very sick. My kidneys and liver were failing. Now I have normal kidney and liver function. I don’t qualify for a transplant because of high antibodies -but I am perfectly happy with the LVAD. I am planning on going to Disneyland with my whole family and all three of my grandkids in two weeks. The Doctor says I can go on any ride I want. Yippee 😁!! It is almost like a dream because I was so close to death and now I am doing normal things!! Last week my daughter told me that I am going to be a grandma again in January. Awesome!!  I didn’t think I would ever hug my grandkids or see them grow up. So I am one happy human being!! Thanks to everyone!! Love to all!!
Joanne L.


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Diane B.

Joanne your words are a wonderful encouragement to all. Like the old expression " when you are given lemons make lemonaid". I think the majority of VADers have a positive attitude like you. Kudos. We will always have lemons coming our way, but if we do not allow them to sour everything our lives will be more fulfilled. Enjoy your new grandbaby.  Di