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Hello, Im 23 and got my VAD in January. Im looking to connect with people hopefully around my age that understand what is happening and can relate. It’s weird interacting with people who have no idea what this is like, and just wanna make friends that do. Thanks for reading. 

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Sandra K.

I know what you mean Phillip! I am 55. I had a Heartmate III implanted July 2021. It was all an emergency situation and not a planned surgery. I didn't even know what happened until I woke up on a ventilator. My previous cardiologist almost killed me with blood thinners and I ended up almost bleeding to death. My hemoglobin was a 5 and should be around 11 or 12. Fast forward I had 3 heart attacks because of this and the doctors and heart surgeon realized my only option was an lvad. When they resuccitated me, it caused eye issues which I am still dealing with now. The world keeps moving forward whether my situation does or not. It's hard. I'm trying to get back to driving if my eyes ever cooperate.

Have you gotten back to doing anything you like to do? It was hard for me because of the pandemic. I'm just now starting to go out a little more and feel comfortable about it.