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Ellen E. Caregiver

LVAD sleep belt

My husband just got his LVAD on May 2, 2023.  We are looking for some type of sleep belt to hold his controller in place while he sleeps.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a product that has worked well for them?

Thank you, Ellen





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Phillip M.

I ordered a belt but never liked it. I just put the controller in the pocket of the shorts I sleep in. At first, I would clip it with one of the accessories but I don't even do that anymore. I would suggest trying out things you already have on hand before purchasing new. I ordered a lot of accessories the first month after that I never use. 

I use a football girdle (they're basically tights that have pockets to hold football pads) that I use for exercise and going out. I don't know if that would be too restrictive for sleep but you can find them on Amazon for about $30. 

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Derek B.

I was very happy with the lvadgear sleep belt about $30 from Wisconsin. Now tend to just wear sweats and put controller in pocket near gut wound when getting up.

Please talk with a volunteer patient associated with your team.

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Ellen E.

Unfortunately our hospital does not have a support group yet.  I've volunteered to help get one started.

My husband and I have never met anyone with an LVAD so sometimes we feel pretty alone through all of this.

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Lee S.

I don't use anything, I just connect to wall power climb  into bed and have the monitor laying right next to me on the bed. Haven't had a problem ever. I sleep like a baby. Driveline doesn't get tangled or pulled as there is enough cord.


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Ginger H.

I have been comfortable using the strap for the driveline that hangs around my neck.  

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Deannie S.

I got my Heartmate 3 on 9-11-17, so almost 6 years now. I have one of the belts and used it for quite some time, but started sleeping without it and like that better. I am a side sleeper so the controller lays beside me on the bed. I do fasten a guitar or purse strap to it and put it around my arm so if I happen to push it towards the edge it can't go completely off the bed. Works well and is comfortable for me.

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Kelly S.

Ellen you can find the belts on Amazon and Etsy - it was the best type of equipment I purchases for my husband.