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Thomas P. Recipient

Wall charger, Extra batteries, and Others HeartMate III stuffs

Hi all,

We have some pieces of equipment that we do not use anymore.

1. 4 batteries
2. Batteries Charging station
3. Driveline wall power device
4. Unopen dressings for the driveline
5. 9x9 Shower Shields
6. 2 Shower bags (1 unused)
7. 2 Travel bags (both unused)

We are in the Seattle area.

Contact us if interested. Just pay for shipping or pickup in person preferably.

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Nancy D.

Good Morning:

Do you have any travel bags still left or dressing kits?  If so, how much would the shipping be to New Mexico? I have a HeartMate III.  I would also be interested in the transparent coverings and willing to pay off shipping and handling if you can do this and have it left. Thanks 1 million for offering this and sorry for your loss.

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Samuel T.

good. day my name is Samuel torres in July they gave me my. LVDA. and I. I would like to have another charger and more accessories Thank you thank you I live in. sunrise Florida.

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Nancy D.

Do you have any of these left? I just happened to see it. You can reach me at or here if you prefer. I have a HeartMate 3