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Emma K. Recipient

Unwanted Pins and needles

Hi, Has anyone been having pins and needles in their ankles at night since having their LVAD  fitted?

It’s really annoying and stopping me from sleeping 

Emma knight

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Lee S.

Hi Emma;

Had a heart attack in Sept 2021. Was put on an ekmo for 2 weeks before my Implant on 10/1. The ekmo destroyed  my feet causing neuropathy in both feet and ankles. Also it caused compartment syndrome in my lower right leg which caused me to have surgery on it. Luckily I did not lose my right leg from knee down. 

So when I go to bed and its like having 2 clubs. a feeling that will not go away and causes me to struggle to walk at times. It doesn't stop me from sleeping tho.

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Richard G.

Similar to Lee's comment, immediately after the LVAD I started experiencing what I'll call numbness and general discomfort in both feet and ankles. Nobody seems to be able to explain why but unfortunately neuropathy, numbness, tingling, etc., in one or both feet seems to be common post LVAD. There are many 'cure sellers' who will sell you special shoes, inserts, vibrating tables (foot sized), toe spacers, heated socks (winter), balms... Some of them provide some relief but unfortunately my docs say these feet/ankle neuropathy problems are quite stubborn.  I've been going to an acupuncturist for it and am next trying a massage therapist. The podiatrist injected my ankles and toe joints with steroids that were incredibly painful. They did absolutely nothing (but hurt). For exercise I switched from walking to cycling. Nothing good happens when I stop moving.

I wish you the best. 


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Lee S.

There is no just have to deal with it.

When I was in the hospital I kept asking about it and was basically ignored!!!

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Bob W.

I have an LVAD 4 yrs now and my feet and fingers tingled at night.  My primary DR put me on 400 mg of Gabapentin at bed time and now I can sleep.

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Lee S.

I got off of that stuff. It's a step away from an opioid and seeing things....i was hallucinating. The curtains were swaying in the wind.....the only thing is it wasn't windy in the house and I kept seeing a black cat!!!! No more for me, it really didn't do anything anyway.

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Tom C.

Pins and needles nay need Lyrica. I have used Lyrica generic for years for needles and pins.

I do have more problems with my feet now COMPARED to before LVAD.