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Brant S. Recipient

Home INR testing

Does anyone here do their own INR testing at home. If so how did your team approach it, does the tester work well and what brand if tester do you use.

Getting lab work is expensive with the co pay and I am personally sick of being a pin cushion  lol

Thank you for any help.

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Lee S.

Hey Brant, Been doing my own INR testing at home for sometime now.  It works great and the result is connected to my anti-coagulation clinic at the hospital. I stick my finger once a week and use the test strips provided. MDINR is the system they set me up with it. It works great. After I report the result they call me for any adjustment. It's reported thru an app on the internet.

Check with your LVAD team to make this happen. Mine actually came to my house to set it up and train me how to do it.

Research MDINR on the net for more info. Good luck. I also hated going to the clinic once a week and getting stabbed.