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Cathie W. Caregiver

Sterile Dressing Supplies

My husband got his LVAD June 2018.  We JUST received the first invoice for dressing supplies and it was $3,443!!    Our cost after insurance for Chloraprep is $202.  A box of sterile gloves $75, Foley anchors (which are terrible and always come off but that's another story) are $62.00  The company is Alere, now Acelis.  (and we have really good insurance).  What are people using besides Chloraprep to clean the driveline site that is more affordable?  Is there a better source for gloves and anchors?

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Mitchell W.

I got hooked up with a company called OrthoDinamics. The lady I deal with is Leanne Yeary @ 317-774-0145. I would give he a call and see what they can do. As for cleaning, I became allergic to the ChloraPrep swab sticks. Used alcohol prep pads for a while until my nurse found a product called ExSept. It comes in a bottle that you wet a sterile gause pad with and then go thru the cleaning routine. It has worked well for me and my rashes have been minimal. I never really got on board with the anchors. The way i wear my equipment i usually have my drive line tucked away and safe inside my belt/pants. Not saying that's right, but it works for me. As always, your LVAD support nurses should always be your guides.


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Tony E.

For the anchor we use 3M megapore tape, either paper or cloth, holds great. We also use Betadine swaps to clean the site and Sterile saline wipes on the driveline. Our co-ordinator approved. If you have an allergy, you can wipe off the betadine where the dressing sticks with the saline wipes.

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Ann G.


i have a large box of latex surgical gloves that I’d be more than happy to send you if you think that would help.  They are sterile.

we also got our first statement for supplies a year after the fact.  $1600.00 a month!!

after insurance $150.00.

let me know if the gloves might help and you can let me know how to get them to you!



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Cathie W.

Ann G wow that would be great!  Here is my email address:

email me and I'll give you my address.  thank you so much :)

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Deborah C.

Hi Cathie,

My husband had his L Vad for 2 1/2 years before his cancer returned. He passed away last April. We had severe issues with the supplies and used Continuum. The first year his supplies ran 300-600/ month but the second year Continuum started charging a flat fee of $20,000/month and lied to our insurance company that they were monitoring his L Vad 24/7. I reported them for insurance fraud. It took a year of investigation since they continued to lie to the insurance but eventually the insurance company started taking back the 20,000/month they had paid. I would  avoid using them. I hope you have good luck in finding cheaper alternatives. The supplies are a big rip off and costs for after care are not discussed prior to receiving the Vad.

Debbie C


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Paul S.

Check with this co. 

Wound care resources

4 Newbern hwy

Yorkville, TN.  38389


I’m not sure what the girls name is my 

wife speaks to each month.

patient:        Paul w Shea corinth,ms.

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Peter G.

We use Woundcare Resources, they are in Tennessee. They ship to use every month like clockwork. I am a caregiver for my mother. She has had for a little over a year.