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Nervous Wreck

My Husband had LVAD surgery on Friday 1/8/2021. About 10 pm that night they had to put a tube down his throat to see what was going wrong. By 1:00am Saturday Morning I had to consent again for them to go back in him because the right side of the heart wasn't strong enough. Well Sunday the nurse told me he squeezed her had and wiggled his toes. Yesterday I called to check on him and the nurse put me on speaker and suprisingly he was talking. You just don't know how that felt. It was like the stress was lifted. The nurse called today and said he wanted to talk to me. All he kept saying was call 911 and get the police up here something is not right. He told me people were taking over the hospital and shooting everyone they saw. He told me he saw it. All I can do is cry because I know he was talking out of his head. I'm so scared that I'm going to lose my husband. I read up on hallucinations after heart surgery and came across delirium and now I wish I never look it up. Has anyone else experienced this. I don't know what I would do without my husband. I feel like I'm going crazy right now.

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Sabrina G.

Im sorry to hear about what you're going through. My brother is also going to get a LVAD and Im also very worried, I don't know what I would do if I lost him. I hope your husband has a good recovery! Stay strong! Take it day by day, my brother is only 20 and I can't imagine how his girlfriend feels but my brother told me he needed me to be strong for him. Ill pray for your husband.

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Diane B.

My Husband had surgery end of August 0f 2020. It definitely is a scary roller coaster both for him and you. It sounds like he is progressing well if he can talk and is not on ventilator. My husband's right side of the heart was very weak when he did his last eval for potential transplant. He did have a very rocky road but has been home since Thanksgiving and progressing every day. They are often on so many medications right after surgery that they will not remember much of the first few days. My husband tells me now that when he was sedated all he remembers are these horrible nightmares about people talking over him about killing him. You will need to be strong and remember to take care of yourself too !