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Illinois Lvaders

Depression is starting to wear me down lately. Im tired of people looking at me like i have five heads; and they have no idea what the F*ck im saying. I feel like im screaming in which nobody can hear and im here just existing and nobody can see me. My mom refusers to broaden her horizons and meet in the middle for any stipulation that arises. ( i dont know my dad ). She throws me out often and i pay her rent for staying there. I have lost so many friends cause im not the person i was, and that also upsets me. I feel so alone all the time, and i its all i have felt since i Was born, unwanted. I called my mom to tell her that i was switching hospitals and thati felt like there was no growth there i was literally just stuck, waiting on people that i thought were my advocates. My mom responded with i dont have time for your shit anymore. Blah. I need more lvad people in my life, a support, a niche, something has got to give here before i literally, lose myself in the midst of my worth. I have been couch hopping for 7 months and actively seeking a room for rent or a roomate that wants to get a house or any slice of sunshine that i can call my own, since everything i always manage to earn in life gets taken away. Im not asking for a pioty party i just wanna feel like im not doing this for nothing, im seen, and that im heard. If yoiu wanna be friends go ahead and shoot me an email! And a we will go from there. Thankful for you guys. Email:  

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Stan C.

I am just now seeing this as I don't login daily and wait for the discussion email letting me know there are other responses.

I'm going to send you an email and will identify myself so you know it is not from a crank email person.  I don't really want to discuss everything that seems to be going on in you life here as it sounds quite personal and don't think you will want to discuss it in an open forum.

Before my email arrives, I would like to recommend you consider seeking counciling if for nothing else but to give you someone to speak to.  You might consider professional help, your pastor, or even a close family member.

Look forward to speaking with you.

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Irving Mark H.

It's sad that you are having so many issues.  I just got my lvad Sept 17 2021.  Since I am an older male, no one has even noticed my equipment. And no one has even once said anything about all my cables.  I am San Diego CA.  I wish you well.  Good Luck