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I asked my husband who has a Heartmate 3 to dig out ten old t shirts he will still wear. THis is all he used to wear so he is comfortable in them. Then I got donations of old t shirts from our children and cut them up to make pockets to go on his old t shirts. I sew two pockets under the arms and one in the middle but over to one side to allow for the Hollister. Each pocket has a velcro closing at the top. He just slides his batteries and monitor into these pockets and is comfortable. When we go out he wears another shirt over this t shirt. if you know someone who sews have them look at the design on the LVAD T SHIRTS and copy that layout. He has ten shirts to rotate. I have made a couple of the shirts with flannel pockets for more stiffness for the batteries and to put an extra layer between skin and battery as they put off heat.